Writing Coaching 

Tell your story with strength, confidence, consistency and direction. 

Option 1

Six 30-minute sessions and unlimited email support for six weeks.  

Option 2

Four 30-minute sessions and unlimited email support for four weeks. 

Option 3

Two 30-minute sessions and unlimited email support for two weeks. 

Need someone to help you start writing or to stay on track?

Are you or your child struggling to be confident writers at school?

I help aspiring and experienced writers dig deeper and write better.

I’m passionate about helping adults and children become more vulnerable, authentic and confident in their writing.

“Working with Mrs. Rubenstein gave me a new appreciation for writing — that it could be really enjoyable.” — M.H., high school freshman

“A big thanks Mindy Rubenstein for helping me get my article published and helping me explain my life-changing summer!” — B.M., high school senior

“Mindy gently pushed me to keep working on an article about my trip to Israel. Not only did I finish the article and get it published, but I went on to work on a book!” — J.B., doula and teacher

“In her capacity as an Editor and Coach, Mindy empowers her writers, guides them and manages to get the best outcome because gives directions that inspire and challenge her writers to get to the heart of their stories. Always generous and thoughtful, she is also very disciplined and asks the same from her team.” — JFG, artist and writer